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These lovely pashminas make wonderful gifts for yourself or a special person in your life. The pashminas are very budget priced and you can select a piece of jewelery to go with your pashmina at no additional charge! Some suggestions are listed with each pashmina, but you can also select a different item of jewelry from the Jewelry page. Shipping is free, and your jewelry will be sent in a FREE jewelry box.

To order, download the order form at the top right of this page. Please scan the completed form to Or call Ruth 602-907-5101. 

You can also fax your form to Ruth Bridges at 1-630-559-8445.

Pashmina Black # JL001-01 $14.75 #AACDS2773
Jacquard Red #FWPL1824 $14.25 #AACDS3190H
Jacquard Auvergne #WC386 $14.95 #AACDS3328E
Jacquard  Cobalt Blue #WC385 $14.95 #AACDS1886
Border Pattern Grey #WC387 $15.95 AACDS1904B
Glitter Paisley Burgundy #FWGH231274 $15.25 #AACDS3190H
Glitter Paisley Navy Blue $15.25 #AACDS 1830
Cashmere Feel Scarf Neutral #FW19-12 $14.28 AACDS2773B
Solid Dark Olive #FW8115 $14.25 #AACDS1832


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